Born and raised in Cambridge, England, I moved to Brazil and began translating in 2013. I specialize in technical, scientific, and environmental documents, particularly reports and articles for research publications. More than just a translator, I am a passionate and meticulous reader, writer, and language enthusiast.


    • Translation
    • Revision
    • Editing
    • Localisation
    • Transcription


I work with a wide range of clients, from multinational corporations such as Petrobras, Saint-Gobain, and Henkel, to smaller companies and individuals. I specialise in technical and environmental translation (reports, manuals, articles, technical documents), but I have experience in a broad range of fields, including:

    • IT, computing, software;
    • Geology, oceanography, dams;
    • Oil & shipping;
    • Sports & leisure;
    • Contracts, terms & conditions, diplomas;
    • Transportation;
    • History, museums, galleries;
    • Tourism, hotels, restaurants;
    • Marketing.